The One With the First Trousers

Hello hello,

Hope everyone is well.

Back in May we went to New York and of course, whilst there I stopped off at Mood. I was there for fabric for my copy of the Valentino Dress but ended up falling in love with a lightweight sage green twill. At first I thought I would make a relaxed shirt dress but lately I’ve really wanted to wear something other than dresses and jeans so I decided to use it for trousers.

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The One with the “Fancy” Dungaree/Overalls

Hi everyone,

check me out – a blog post that isn’t MONTHS after the last one!

We’ve had a few events to go to so that has really fired up my sewjo. Today’s post is about my take on the Folkwear 240 Rosie the Riveter dungarees/overalls….that I may or may not have muslined and purchased fabric for in  2019 for Asheville Frocktails – embarrassing or what! Despite the delay, I’m so glad I finally made these!

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The One with the First Ever Draped Dress – Part 2

Welcome back! or to those of you who skipped part 1 – Haiii!

So, the Valentino copy drafting had gone well,, unfortunately, after all that success I did hit a bump in the road, with the fabric of all things!

I’d discussed with Mary my different options for fabric types and had landed on a crepe back satin or viscose satin as I wanted it to be more party style than the inspiration picture.

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The One with the First Ever Draped Dress – Part 1

How is it June and this is my first post of 2021???

Don’t worry, I have been sewing but honestly, I just haven’t felt like blogging, maybe I’ll do a quick overview post of the things I’ve made so I can share them with you all!

Anyway, the reason for today’s post is a good one! I tried my hand at draping for the 1st time and I think it was a success 🙂

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The One with all the Dinos


How the hell is everyone? Surviving the crazy year that is 2020?

I’ve been taking a social media break since September and it’s really helped me with the day to day, although I really miss the sewing community.

Never fear, despite not posting/sharing, I have been sewing – Hurrah!

After making the Folkwear Sailor shorts, I came to some realisations about my sewing practice and how I wanted to move forward with it. The shorts were a pretty in-depth make where I used new construction techniques and  despite it being more challenging, I REALLY enjoyed making them. Whereas the idea of making a T-shirt or boxy top bores me to tears. So that was it, I realised I like the actual act or should that be art of sewing. I like learning new things and taking my time with them rather than racing to the end. I decided from now on I’d keep that in mind when choosing projects….

….enter the Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studios.

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The One with the Sailor Pants

Well hello there folks…remember me?!

Since finishing my coveralls I promised myself I wouldn’t sew anything else until my top block was finished,  but the weather has been amazing so instead of working on that I’ve been outside a lot and preoccupied with my newest love – knitting!

All that changed however when Molly of Folkwear patterns reached out and asked if I’d like to make and blog about their latest pattern – 229 Sailor Pants. Folkwear is based in Fairview, just a few miles down the road from me,  Molly is part of the Oh Sew Asheville group and the pattern is SO CUTE so how could I refuse?

So before we get into the knitty gritty, this post is sponsored by Folkwear, but all opinions are my own.

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The One with the Susie Coveralls

Hey hey!

Public Service Announcement – this is a long one so get a drink and get comfy!

As soon as  Sugardale Patterns released the Kickstarter campaign to bring their patterns to a reality I KNEW I would make the Len Coveralls. The pattern was everything I wanted – modern yet vintage, tom boy yet somehow feminine too – it felt like me in a pattern honestly.

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