#sewbackthen – The One With The Whale Shirt and That Piping

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Unfortunately I haven’t had chance to get any pictures of my latest make (another Kalle) so I thought I’d treate you all to another#sewbackthen post instead. This one features one of the most in-depth makes and still one of my proudest makes to date: The Whale Shirt

After my success with the Tilly and the Buttons jersey workshop, I thought I’d try another one – I told you I was determined to up my skill set- this time with was sewing a shirt or shirt dress, again Tilly and the Buttons, this time with the Rosa pattern.

This was the first time I’d sewn anything with a collar stand and I decided to pile on the challenges by using the cuff sleeve expansion and adding piping. I used a light blue chambray with teeny tiny whales (again from my local Joanns) and then to give it a bit of pop I chose bright coral for my piping. I was a little obsessed with that colour last summer so it seemed like a logical choice. I also used a contrasting white cotton for the inside of the button placate, the collar stand and the button openings on the cuffs.

This shirt was a labour of love and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wasn’t in any rush, we were chilling out in the Arizona sun at this point and this was the perfect task for when I wasn’t working.

This was my first experience of princess seams and I really enjoyed the flexibility they give you with the fit. I’m a pretty little person who apparently has larger than average boobs for the general pattern and RTW world so often shirts don’t fit over my chest. Being able to alter the princess seams meant I could get a much better fit. The other thing I altered was, as with all my clothes, I also bought the waist in more severely than the pattern asked for (small waist, big hips!)

If I had my time I think I’d make it a little shorter as I tend to wear my shirts tucked in and this a little long for that but other than that I love wearing this thing. I get comments from people every time I do.

I just wish I wasn’t so distracted by other new patterns all the time as I’d love to make another one.


As always, thanks for taking the time to read.


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