The One With My First Tshirt – #sewbackthen

This week’s #sewbackthen brings you My First T-Shirt.

Many years ago, I tried and failed miserably to make something from Jersey. It was such a disaster I avoided it at all costs until last year. I decided it was time to conquer that fear and so I signed up for the Tilly and the Buttons Jersey workshop.

The pattern used was the Agnes Top. The step-by-step guidance was really helpful and I learnt a lot that I could use for other projects.

My final top wasn’t exactly perfect, even after taking it in at the waist: the neckline was a little too wide, and it was a little too long. Not to mention the fabric I chose didn’t hold it’s shape too well after a few wears(a relatively cheap jersey from Joann Fabrics)but it definitely helped me realise I could sew with whatever fabric I choose, I just needed to know a few tricks!

IMG_3150IMG_3151As much as I was still new to knit fabrics, this project meant I wouldn’t be afraid the next time I wanted to make something from a knit – something I’ve done a fair amount of since. This has become an even smoother process since getting an overlocker- GAME CHANGER!

I made this top early in 2017 and recently I realised I wasn’t really wearing it, the fabric really didn’t retain its shape well. I don’t like to waste things and I didn’t want to just throw it away but I also didn’t want to keep it for no reason or simply because I made it. Instead I decided to upcycle it. I turned it into some lovely comfy pants!

I used the free (who doesn’t love free stuff?!) Acacia pattern from Megan Nielsen and I actually had enough fabric to make two pairs, I just haven’t had time to put the elastic on the other pair yet. If you’re wanting to give comfy, simple underwear making a try I’d definitely recommend this pattern and using an old t-shirt is a great way to not have to spend money.

Anyways, I’m off to sit around in those new knickers – See you next time!


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