The One About Me Made May 2018

It’s May which is clearly the best month as it’s spring and I WAS BORN!

That’s right, 10th May was and is a good day for me, not so much for everyone else – ha!

So, yeah, I’ve always kinda liked May but now I have an extra reason to love it even more and that reason is because of sewing and the wonderful Zoe Edwards over at So, Zo, what do you know.

As she tells it, Zoe had been sewing for a while but not been convinced that she could make her own entire wardrobe, or that her me-mades were to be taken seriously. She talks all about it in her interview over at Love to Sew podcast, so if you want to know more take a listen. Basically she challenged herself to wear only me-mades for a month, got some friends involved and Me Made May was born – hooray. She talks all about the idea and the ‘rules’ over on her blog so please take a read and why not join in?

I heard about the challenge last year and did my best to take part but at that point I’d only been sewing intensely for about 6 months so I didn’t really have much. I still wore my me mades as much as possible and it really was the driving force behind my attitude this year of challenging myself to not buy any RTW clothes and really think about creating an entirely me-made wardrobe.

At the beginning of the year I worked out my Make Nine (another great challenge thought up by Rochelle over at Lucky Lucille ) and if I’m honest I just put in things I really wanted to make with no real thought to coherence in my clothing.

I’m really loving my me mades but lately I’ve definitely noticed some major gaps, like I don’t really think about things that work together, just making individual pieces, meaning I usually end up having to wear a me made with a RTW.  I did manage to make a Nikko top that both works with my Landers and my Cleo a few months ago but if I’m honest I think that was more dumb luck rather than being planned out.

That, then, is really my main reason for taking part in Me Made May this year (as well as being excited about seeing how many more me-mades I have this year compared to last year). I’m pledging to wear at least 3 Me Made garments every week of May and post a weekly round up picture on Instagram. If I wear more than 3 I’ll include those too. During the month I’m going to try and keep notes on my phone about any frustrations I incurred, such as not having the right coloured me-made shirt to match a skirt/jeans. At the end of the month I want to write a post discussing what I learned and then hopefully come up  with an updated make 9.

It’s day 2 now and let’s just say I’m pretty happy to be getting involved!

Hope to see you at the end of the month to find out how I got on!


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