The One After Me Made May

Guten Tag meine Liebe!

It’s June! How on earth is it June already?

I hope you all had a fun Me Made May, or at least survived it as I’ve seen a few people say over on Insta.

My goal this year was to wear at least three Me Made garments each week of May and document them with a weekly round up photo. I did really well up until the last few days when our town flooding and migraine got in the way.

Each week I wore me made garments as often as possible, usually easily exceeding the three, there were lots of repeats but that doesn’t bother me. I don’t need that many clothes that I can wear something different everything day for an entire month,  for me that goes against the idea of sustainability and one of the reasons I make my own clothes.

While I love my me mades I definitely learnt there are substantial gaps in my me made wardrobe, which is totally okay as I’ve only been seriously sewing for about 18 months. I’m glad I did the challenge as now I know where to focus my future sewing. It also reappointed me with some old makes I’d kind of forgot about, oh and I even got to give a few of them a bit of a country make over while looking after my parent’s ranch!

I practically lived in my Landers so I think it is clear I need to make more trousers or shorts now the summer is here. I have pretty thick thighs so finding shorts/trousers to fit is tough so yet another reason to make more myself.

I also wore my Kalle shirt dress a lot so I think a couple more casual shirt style dresses would go amiss as I feel put together in them but at the same time not over dressed which is the perfect combo.

Oh and of course, that teal jacket got A LOT of wear. Check out more about that here.

Over all the thing I already knew and mentioned in my intro to Me Made Made Post, but had confirmed was that I really do need to focus on basics such as T-shirts and vest tops (tanks to my American crew) that I can then combine with my other makes.  I noticed pretty much everything I wore was together with something RTW. The only trouble with this is I kind of find basics, well basic, which is boring. The good news is I recently played around with the Girve pattern from Deer and Doe, working on some fit issues I constantly have and it’s looking like I might have found my top pattern staple – yay. I’ll hopefully be posting more about that next week. I think now I’ve found a pattern than works for me I will make more of an effort to make some sensible, every day wearable things. I made some notes on the kind of colours I need to match my other makes so I should be good to go.

So yup, I’d say Me Made May was a successful one this year. I’m setting myself the goal of:

I hope those of you who joined in this year learnt a lot too and those of you who followed along, I hope you enjoyed seeing everyone’s me made wardrobes out in the wild, I know I did.



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