The One with the Autumn Colours

Hi everyone,

in my last post I told you I was attempting my first set of simultaneous projects (I usually only ever have one on the go at once); working on both a set of Closet Case Carolyn Pyjamas and a Marilla Walker Evan skirt.

I managed to finish my burnt orange skirt just in time for the leaves to change and fit right in – hooray!

I’ve been telling myself lately that I need a couple of staples in my wardrobe and a skirt seemed like a perfect addition. Then, as you know I stumbled across some burnt orange corduroy in Joanns and knew it was meant to be.

I’ve never made the Evan pattern before but I’ve used the Maya pattern by Marilla Walker and knew the instructions and drafting could be trusted. I decided to go for interesting pocking lining and inside waist – I struggle to not use prints! I had some scraps this amazing mystery vintage fabric with a paisley in my stash and the colour combo seemed perfect.

Sorry about the blue overlocker thread. I know how to change it, I’m just too lazy to do so for every project so I’ve decided the blue in everything is now my trademark – ha!

One of the reasons I don’t often make the same pattern twice is I love how much I learn from different pattern designers. Everyone seems to have different ways of doing things.

I found Marilla’s way of creating the front pockets and the front fly were unlike any other method I’ve used before. Due to that, I really enjoyed the construction of this skirt. Also, because I was doing this at the same time as the pyjamas (which just need buttons btw – hooray) I found I was taking my time more. If I got annoyed by a step I’d take a break and work on my other project, then come back to this. It also probably helped this skirt was a very spur of the moment make, not something I’d been thinking about and mulling over for ages.

I don’t know if this makes me weird but I LOVE top-stitching and this skirt had it in abundance so I was a very happy bunny. If you’re looking for a classic fly front skirt this is your pattern.

I also love picking out a good button! For this skirt I found a vintage metal one I bought in Virginia I think (I’m trying to shop my stash as much as possible right now.)

Inspired by lots of you Instagram sewists I decided I wanted to try a little embroidery on the back pocket. I did it but I’m not 100% convinced. I don’t know whether it’s the colours, or the design needs to be more intricate, or whether I simply need more embroidery practice. Whatever it is, I’m seriously considering ripping it out, if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.

This pattern was designed to be just above the knee or mid calf,¬†being only 5ft 2″ meant I needed to automatically shorten it as I do with all my patterns, however I like to wear my skirts shorter – usually mid thigh, just above the quad, so that meant I needed to shorten the pattern a lot. I took 4 inches from the paper pattern, where the option to lengthen and shorten was. Then after construction I ended up shortening it another 3!! inches, so 7 inches in total. If I were to make it again I’d need a lot less fabric thats for sure!

The leaves have all started to change up here so there’s some amazing colours around. Not to mention all the decoration for Halloween and Thanksgiving so this skirt feels like the perfect choice.

I love the length and fit of the skirt and because the fabric has a little stretch in it, it’s super comfy. However, I have one tiny complaint and that is that the pockets aren’t deep enough. I have a bad (according to my dad) habit of walking along with my hands jammed in my pockets. Well, these pockets aren’t deep enough for me to do that with my arms at full length, I have to keep them bent. So, if I were to make it again I cut them longer.

Other than that though, I’m really happy with how it turned out. Plus, the boy didn’t do too badly on these pics now my photographer has run off to Texas!


I’m off to sew the buttons on my Carolyn Pyjama top and definitely not to wash any new denim I definitely did NOT buy to definitely not make a project that definitely isn’t in that pile of four I said I had to sew before anything else…eh hem…anyhoo…till next time folks.


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