The One with the Duvet Dress – #sewbackthen

Welcome back folks.

I’m going to be honest from the get go –  I’ve written blogs before and had all these grand ideas about how often I was going to write posts etc, for some reason the aim was always once a week? Why is that?

Anyway, with this one I was pretty safe in the knowledge before I’d even built the site that, with my sewing speed, super regular posts about new makes weren’t going to happen. I mean,  a)have a full time job, b)fabric is expensive and c) I live in an RV so where on earth would I put all those clothes?.

The way around this was again the brain child of logo-creator extraordinaire Miss Nellie Ryan. She suggested that I include a throwback Thursday style post, giving details on things I’ve made before this blog was a twinkle in my eye.

I thought it was such a great idea so I’m doing it whenever I’ve got no new makes ready to blog about and I’ll be calling it my ‘#sewbackthen series’ –  instead of restricting myself to anyone particular day, because you, know, this is meant to be fun and all.  They’ll mostly be short and concise, just a nice little break between more detailed, lengthy posts.

I’ll apologise in advance for the less-than-perfect quality photos on these, most will be before I’d thought about blogging and before I owned a decent camera.

So, without further ado, let us begin…

For my first #sewbackthen post I’m going waaaay back  to November 2016 and my beloved Duvet Dress.

I love to go charity/thrift shopping and on one of my treasure hunts I found the most 90’s, Save By The Bell, duvet cover I’ve ever seen, all for 50 cents. I knew it had to be mine and I also knew it had to become a dress.

I love anything a bit vintage or retro so I teamed the amazing print with a retro Butterwick pattern I found at another thrift store. Because we’re now hundreds of miles from our house and the pattern, I can’t tell you what it was unfortunately. I can tell you that it was a great pattern, but I had to take the whole thing apart 3 times before getting the fit right!

The first time it was way too big in the waist and too tight on the bust. Once it was apart and the waist was tapered I started to worry it would be see-through so I decided to add a lining.

The 2nd time I took it apart was because the lining made it sit all weird and took away from the lovely drapey (@lovetosew say it’s a word so I’m going with it) softness the fabric had acquired from being an old duvet cover that had been washed so many times.

The 3rd time was because now it fitted in the waist I couldn’t get it over my boobs – yikes! There were a few moments where I was ready to through it in the bin but I persevered and I’m so glad I did.

I managed to find the perfect red buttons at yet another thrift store and the whole thing was ready just in time to wear for Thanksgiving dinner with our friends. We were in Arizona at the time, hence the sunshine and ability to wear is dress (daydreaming of that weather as we’re currently in North Carolina).

 Now I just need the sun to come out again and find a reason to wear this beut again!

Until next time.





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