The One with the Cropped Sweatshirt

Hey there lovelies!

Today’s post features my latest make, the Rosy Pena Chloe Sweatshirt. 

It came in two lengths but I went with the cropped version as I’ve really been drawn to that style lately, especially as high waisted jeans/skirts have been a staple of my wardrobe for a long time now, it seemed to make the most sense.

Here’s a look at the technical drawing from the pattern so you can get an idea of what I was trying to make.

I looked around a little for suitable fabric and settled on a french terry in a mustard/gold from Girl Charlee. I was close to ordering a blue tone but I always were those colours so thought I’d give something else a try for once. I’ve also never ordered from them before so I was a little apprehensive but man am I glad I did. I almost couldn’t bring myself to cut out the pattern, I just wanted to sit under the fabric as a blanket instead. Seriously, it’s possibly the softest/coziest fabric I’ve ever had on my skin. It’s safe to say I’ll be ordered a lot more, in all the colours!

Just look at that yellow! 

Anyhoo, the make.

It’s a super simple pattern; sleeves, front, back, cuffs and waistband.

I went with the extra small and didn’t make any adjustments. For the next one (there is sure to be a next one!) I’ll definitely shorten the sleeves, I love my sleeves long, if they don’t pull down over my hands they’re too short (years of awkward teenager, using sleeves over hands as comfort thing – anyone else do that?!) but these were just a bit too long so I’m left with a fair amount of fabric around my wrists/lower arm. It doesn’t bother me enough not to wear it  though- plus, as mentioned, that fabric – all the heart eye emojis!

The instructions and illustrations are very clear, and certainly suitable for a beginner., but I will say if you are new to sewing with knits you might want to look up some tips on that first.

I was always nervous of knit fabrics and then last year I took a course on sewing with knits, plus I recently purchased Wendy Ward’s new book Sewing with KnitsMany of the tips, like using a stretch or zigzag stitch if using a standard sewing machine rather than an overlocker/serger and stabilising the shoulders aren’t mentioned in the pattern. Of course, this isn’t the pattern designers job and I reiterate, Rosy’s instructions are clear and easy to follow, I just think if this is your first time working with a knit — and this pattern would totally work for that—just run through some tips first. There’s plenty of stuff online to guide you.

I think my favourite element of this pattern was that it’s boxy so other than getting the sleeve length right, there really is no fitting to be done – hurrah (pretty much everything I sew needs adjusting – especially around the bust) so this was a fun one to just whip up. As you’ll see from the pics, Randle approves too 😉

   Since it came off my sewing machine late Friday night I’ve worn it pretty much every day – to dinner, to a bar and in the woods – both with jeans and a skirt and it’s is most definitely love. I’ve got to admit, I’m wearing as I write this!

So, that’s it until next time… I have a few things cut so I’m not sure which will be put together next, you’ll just have to wait and see 🙂


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