The One with the Thanksgiving Dress

Well hello there folks,

I would like to start out by saying “errr how is it December already?!?”

Time is on fast forward I swear, I can’t keep up – perhaps that’s why I’m blogging about a dress I made for a November holiday – ha!

Anyways, here’s the details on my latest make there Deer and Doe Arum Dress !

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I can not state clearly enough just how perfect this dress is for beginners. It is possibly one of the simplest things I’ve ever made. The best part? Simple doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. I love how the dress looks and not to mention the fact that the fabric I used is so soft and feels great on my skin.

I’ve been really getting into Deer and Doe patterns lately – hour glass/pair shaped ladies, these are the patterns for us- and I was lucky enough to receive the Arum paper pattern and some fabric to make it with for my birthday this year.

The fabric is a rayon from Art Gallery fabrics that my mum got from the wonderful Guthrie and Ghani and brought back to the USA for me.  I recently started to see lots of people using and now I know why. It is sooooo soft, like I no longer want to wear anything but this now.

As this is supposed to be the year of me figuring out my fit issues I started out by making a toile from an old dress bought from Goodwill (trying to keep my fabric consumption down).

Due to the kimono style sleeves on this dress it was difficult for me to figure out just where to take out the excess between the chest and shoulder. I usually go by the sleeve notches, taking out between that and the armpit. I kept it low but this time took it out a little below the armpit, leaving the sleeve alone. It seemed to work okay, I think.

After making the muslin…eh hem…back in May…eh hem, I kinda got distracted. In my defence there was buying a new house, going on holiday to the UK and Germany, friends visiting, and lets be honest, distracting other projects.

It wasn’t until Autumn and Thanksgiving were nearly upon us that I realised this burnt orange fabric was very seasonably appropriate. We were hosting Thanksgiving for the first time this year too so making a dress especially for that occasion seemed like a good idea. It was so simple I even managed to finish it ahead of schedule. It went down well on the day I think. Even Randle approved!

Because I’d made the muslin I didn’t need to stop and try on at any part of the construction (or so I thought…more on that later) so it was so quick to make.

The front is one whole panel and the back is three as it has princess seams, which ends up giving it great shape. The sleeves are kimono style so no attaching there, so other than the facing that’s all you’ve got.

Due to using rayon which seemed to love to fray and was super fine I decided I’d use french seams to finish (and the smallest needle possible!) rather than serging the edges and I’m really glad I did. It’s so pretty on the inside! I’ve used french seams once or twice before and didn’t really feel any desire to use them again. Since this dress, however,  I’ve already used them again on a shirt and think they might be my go to finish! I know it’s a little more work but I really think it is worth it. I mentioned not trying on during the process, well, it turns out that the sleeves are too tight on me around the bicep. Not something I noticed in the toile but must be the difference in fabric. They were also too long so I cuffed them which I think adds a little something but after having worn the dress I realised they’re just too tight. They end up bunching up so I think I’m just going to cap them as they fit fine above my bicep.

So for the next one (and there will be a next one, or 4 perhaps) I’ll be sure to add some room in the lower sleeve.

It’s been pretty cold here since I made the dress and it is a little sheer so I’ve been wearing a slip under it. Despite the wintery weather I’ve found it is perfect with tights, hat and my denim jacket. Not to forget my beloved Fry Chelsea Boots (I LOVE DRESSES WITH BOOTS!)

This dress is that simple I’d even offer to make one for someone else! So if you’re just starting out, go get this pattern, even if you’re not, go get it, every one needs an easy make now and then!

Now, back to my other 4 million projects I seem to believe I’m making right now.


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