The One With The Matching Cleo’s – #sewbackthen

Hey there everyone, hope this post finds you all well.

For today’s #sewbackthen post (I haven’t even cut out my next project yet so there might be a few of these in the coming weeks – ha!) I’m looking at a something I made that I never thought I would- the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo. By saying I wasn’t sure if I would ever make it has nothing to do with the pattern, I’d seen lots of great versions on Instagram, it was more that at 5ft 2″ with small features I was worried it’d make me look ‘too cute’, i.e like a 12 year old, or the fact I’m over 30 and surely a bit too old for dungaree dresses?

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The One With The Apples

Well hey there folks,

I hope you’re having a wonderful day and that Spring is finally reaching you (unless you’re my aussie mates – that would be weird). How crazy was March? Luckily for us in Asheville, things are looking up weather-wise as you’ll see in this post.

Today’s post is about my second Closet Case Kalle Shirt dress that I made for the 2018 Sew My Style Instagram Challenge.

I talk about the version I chose,  the changes I made to the pattern/fit and the things I added. It is safe to say,  I’m very excited about this one.

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The One with the Duvet Dress – #sewbackthen

Welcome back folks.

I’m going to be honest from the get go –  I’ve written blogs before and had all these grand ideas about how often I was going to write posts etc, for some reason the aim was always once a week? Why is that?

Anyway, with this one I was pretty safe in the knowledge before I’d even built the site that, with my sewing speed, super regular posts about new makes weren’t going to happen. I mean,  a)have a full time job, b)fabric is expensive and c) I live in an RV so where on earth would I put all those clothes?.

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The One with the Lander Pants Saga – Part 2

Welcome back to my tale of hardship, ready for the happy ending?

At Christmas I’d asked Father Christmas (aka mum) for some beautiful navy or pine green twill from my favourite store: Blackbird Fabrics. She obliged but unfortunately she’s not a sewist and only ordered me 0.5 meters, not the 2.5 I needed (sad times). Even more unfortunately, the lovely Caroline had sold out when I emailed her to see if I could get some more (really sad times).

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The One With The Lander Pants Saga – Part 1

Wow, what a journey that was…

2018 was always planned to be the year I upped my sewing game to include trousers and jeans. I figured my best bet was to start with the looser, non-stretchy Lander Pants from True Bias before hitting the skinny high-waisted,’ definitely fit-right’ Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Patterns.

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The One With The Kalle Shirt Dress – #sewbackthen

Good day to you my fine sewists.

Today’s #sewbackthen is about yet another first, my first Closet Case Pattern! Most certainly not going to be my last.

Everyone had been raving about the Kalle Shirt Dress on Insta and while I wasn’t 100% sure the style was for me I decided to give it a go (it’s good to get out of your box right?) towards the end of the summer last year, and man, I’m sure glad I did!

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